Spirirual Growth

Spirirual Growth

Spirirual GrowthA Christian who doesn’t believe in the supernatural, that is; in the spiritual, is a lost. If you’re not walkingi In line with the spirit of God,

  1. then you’re on a lost course.
    John 6:29
    Jesus answered and said to them,
    “This is the work of God, that you
    believe in Him whom He has sent.
    Because we are in the age of spirituality.
    age where all spirits are
    manifesting themselves in various forms, you no longer need a carved idol to harbor a spirit, because spirit now dwells in the
    hearts of men. They find expression through the activities they carry out through the medium they possess.
    Every humans are carriers of spirit entities, whatever we do in the physical has already been orchestrated in the spiritual.
    The hearts of a man is always void waiting to be filled, it cannot be left empty. When a man is born of flesh, the void in his heart is
    being filled with darkness, for him to walk with God he must vanquish every darkness in his heart with the light of God.
    The moment a man receives the gospel to heart,
    then the Holy Spirit will make him undergo a transformation,
    Though his heart is
    full of darkness, a portion of his heart has been purchased by God giving him a deposit of life, an illuminating life in the
    midst of that void of darkness. He has been given light, it is then left for him to contain and expand this light through
    God’s word and also to guard this light through prayers, preventing it from being swallowed up by the darkness in his heart. hereby moving from mortal to spirit
    If this light is gone, it might take a long time for him to get it again, because he does not find it, it finds him.
    Walking with God it’s not difficult with the help of the holy spirit,
    Deuteronomy 31:8
    And the LORD, He is the One who goes
    before you. He will be with you, He will not
    leave you nor forsake you; do not fear nor
    be dismayed.”
    of course darkness will always try to swallow up your
    light, but it is up to the man. Every man must feed his light with more life ( God’s word ) so it can expand. It’s just like adding more wood and fuel to a combusting flam. If your light goes out in the wilderness, you’ll be torn by beast.
    The more you obey the more you’re given faith to be faithful in keeping up the fire, the more you spend time in God’s presence, the more His glory covers you, the more you’re filled with His life. As His life fills your heart, the void in your
    heart is dominated with light and every darkness begins to fade, the more darkness fades away, the less resistance
    you’ll get.
    When you’re filled with light, you’ll be filled with the holy spirit to live a holy life where all spirit of sin has been neutralize
    and a new life in Christ Jesus has been given.
    Then you have became a new Bean
    2 Corinthians 5:17(KJV)
    Therefore if any man be in Christ, he
    is a new creature: old things are passed
    away; behold, all things are become new.
    The darkness that functions in a man bringing spiritual death will be
    replaced with life overflowing.
    When a man’s void is filled with light, he is then called to act by God, everything he does is of life, he becomes a channel
    of life where there is death, a channel of light where there is darkness. Out of the abundance of life he has, he gives life
    for the salvation of men, out of the abundance of life, he can bring life unto any dead situation, he can bring light into the domain of darkness, breaking the foundations and alters of principalities and rulers of darkness, he becomes a deliverer,
    a valiant warrior of God, destroyer of the kingdom of darkness.
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