During the I was working in a Muslim mosque as
an Imam, as a parish priest, I preach in my
parish that Jesus Christ is not God, my belive was that God was only Allah and I believed Allah
never got married, so no sons for Allah.
So, I preached there that Jesus is not God.
Then somebody ask me, who is Jesus?’’ from
the crowd. Maybe a Muslim, but he asked me,
who is Jesus?’’ I was preaching He is not God,
but the question is who is He? To know who is Jesus, I read the whole Qur’an again. When
I read it, the name of prophet Muhammad, I found in the Qur’an in 4 places, but the name
of Jesus I found it in 25 places. Then, at that
point, I was a little confused. And I asked
myself, ‘Why does the Qur’an give more
preference to Jesus?’
And second thing, I saw that women’s name in the Quran was scarce: but there is only one
woman’s name which I found in the Qur’an
which is *MARIAM* which is the mother of Jesus,
no other woman was named after a chapter,
but in the holy Quran chapter 3, the name of thet chapter is the family of ‘MARIAM’ and
holy Quran chapter 19, the name of the chapter itself is ’MARIAM.’
So, I was very curious to know why
Qur’an say all these things about MARIAM,
holy Quran chapter 3 verse 34 onwards says
that Mary was born without the original sin,
she never committed any sin in her life, she
was ever virgin. Qur’an chapter 50 verses 23
say that she went to heaven with her physical
body. Even the assumption is written in the
holy Quran. But now to
Furthermore, about Jesus, when I read chapter 3 verses 45 to 55 verses,
I was supprise to see that there was 10
point which the Qur’an made about Jesus.
The first thing Qur’an says *kallimatullahi*
the Arabic word which means ‘THE WORD OF
GOD’ and second thing is
*ahimokuli* God which
means ‘SPIRIT OF GOD’ and the third *Isa Masi* which means ‘JESUS CHRIST’ so Qur’an
gave the name for Jesus as the WORD OF
The Qur’an says that Jesus spoke when He was very small, like 2 days old, after His
birth, He began to speak.
Qur’an also says
that Jesus created a living bird with mud. He took some mud, He formed a bird; when He
breathed into it, it became a living bird.
So, therefore I think Jesus can give life, because He gave life
to mud, clay, and then Qur’an says that Jesus
cured a man born blind and a man with
leprosy e.t.c.
Curiously, the Qur’an says that Jesus gave life
to dead people; Jesus went to heaven; He is
still alive and He will come again. When I saw all these things in the Qur’an.
Then, I thought of what Qur’an says about
Muhammad, according to the Qur’an, prophet
Muhammad is not the word of God, not spirit
of God he never spoke when he was 2 days
old, he never created any bird with mud, he never cure any sick people, he never raised
any dead people, he himself died, and according to Islam he is not alive and he will
not come back.
So there is a lot of different between these two prophets. I didn’t call Jesus, God, you
know my idea was ‘’He is a prophet but he is a prophet greater than Muhammad; so, one
day I went to my teacher, the one who taught
me for over 10 years in the Arabic college, and I ask him;
“Teacher, how did God create the universe?”
Then he said;
“God created the universe
Then my question is:
‘’WORD’’??! is it the Creator or Creation?’
He must clear this, (my question is whether
the WORD of God is Creator or Creation).
Qur’an says, Jesus is WORD of God. If my teacher says Word of God is Creator, which
means Jesus is the Creator, then Muslims must
become Christians. And, suppose if he says
the Word is Creation, he will be trapped.
You know why? He said everything was
created through the Word.
Suppose if he said the Word is creation, then
how did God create the world? So he cannot
say that the word is Creator or Creation. So,
he was quite angry he push me out of his room and said:
‘Word is not God, not the Creator or the Creation, you get out of here!’ he said…
Now, the reason why Muslim doesn’t accept to
be Christian is because they are blinded with
the wrong teaching of their priest – Imam who
wants their strong followership.
They said that, the Word is Creation but they
try to prove it wrongly…
They say the Word is not Creator, not the
Creation, but not God. They don’t want the
Word to be equal with God, that is all their
So, when he said that, I told my teacher, Word
is not the Creator or the Creation.’ So, that is
why Christian says the Word is the Son of God?
Then, he told me if there is Son for God,
I must show him the wife of God. That
without wife no chance of having a son then I
showed him a portion from the Qur’an which
says that;
It is written in the Quran.
I said if that is the case, SO GOD CAN HAVE A
Later on that day, I took my Quran, I put it on
my chest, and I said ‘’Allah’’, tell me what should I do?
Because, your Qur’an says Jesus
is still alive, and Mohammad is no more. Tell
me whom should I accept. After my prayer I
opened the Qur’an, I didn’t ask anyone, I
asked only my Allah.
When I opened the Qur’an, I saw chapter 10
verses 94. You know what the Qur’an says? It
says if you have any doubt in this Qur’an
which I give to you, go and read the ‘Book’
which is the Bible, or ask the people, those
who read the ‘Book’ which means the Bible.
The truth is already revealed that the Bible is
the last and greatest Holy Book that has all
the answers.
I beg all Muslims to give their life to Christ
because He is the only Way to the Kingdom of
God. Please don’t perish like other Muslims
that is serving the god they do not know.
Read Ezekiel 8 vs 16 – 18 this is what the Lord
says about those who practice Islam in the
house of Judah before Mohammed took over.
Mohammed wrote Quran by mixing his
doctrine with the history of all the prophets of
God from the Holy Bible so that he can be
equal with them, to make it more perfect that
is why he told Islam worshipers in Quran 10
vs 94 that if you have any doubt in this Quran
they should go and read the Book which is the
Bible or ask any body who read the Book -(Bible)
Islam is a man made doctrine founded by Mohammed

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The Quran is not the book of the lord .
In the days of Abraham ,
No Quran

Isaac 👉🏿no Quran

and 👉🏿Jacob ,no Quran

Moses , 👉🏿no Quran

all the prophets, 👉🏿no Quran

New Testament 👉🏿no Quran

600 years after Jesus
👉🏿then came the Quran
It makes no sense
Quran is something new in the world
There was no Quran during the time of Adam and Eve which is the beginning of time
There was no Quran during the time of John who wrote the revelation which is the end of the Bible
No Quran from the beginning
No Quran till the end
Sura 33:8
Sahih International: And [mention, O Muhammad], when 👉We took from the prophets their covenant and from you and from Noah and Abraham and Moses and Jesus, the son of Mary; and We took from them a solemn covenant.

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Quran a copy from the holy bible

Isaiah 34:16
Seek ye out of the book of the LORD, and read: no one of these shall fail, none shall want her mate: for my mouth it hath commanded, and his spirit it hath gathered them.

The book of the lord is the Bible and it has been there since genesis which mean the beginning of all things
Please don’t be ignorant of Muhammad’s
deception and his idolatry practice.
1. His first wife was related to a Catholic
Priest, that is how he had access to
information of the Bible. And they use Rosary
to chant like the Catholics. That time, the
Romans were using God’s name to crusade,
kill and oppress nations, which was not the
original plan of God from Jesus Christ.
2. They face the east to pray. Where the sun
and moon rises to worship the Sun, Moon and
Stars. That is why they always wait for the
star to align with the moon to celebrate their
festival. Which about more than 1 billion
people shed blood to worship. This is a strong
renewal of their covenant with the deity.
They use it to avert trouble from themselves
and cause chaos in the world. That is why,
after that celebration bad things happen to
innocent people.
3. They made the Qur’an very hard to
understand. Until you go to the Arabic and
Islamic schools you can never know the
deepness of Islam. Through this period, they
are indoctrinated to hate Infidels (Christians).
4. They make sure they shave the hair of
every new born baby on the eight day, by
enchanting stubborn demons into the life of
the child to make sure they don’t depart from
the faith when they grow older. That is why,
it is hard for most of them to understand
Jesus Christ.
5. They force people to become Moslems
through Jihad. And take over the realm of
affairs of every country. That is the job of the
O. I. C Organisation of Islamic Countries. To
kill and to annihilate Christians and take over
their countries through Militant forces of ISIS,
Al-Shabab, Al-Kaheeda, Taliban etc who
commit mass murder in suicide bombings on
Odd number dates.
6. They kill people who leave the religion of
Islam and count them as disgraceful. That is
why most of them are afraid to leave because
of the persecution they will face.
7. Most of those who pray and go to Mecca to
drink their holy water and kiss the black
stone or throw stones are the ones that never
forgive until they revenge.
8. They know women have soft heart and can
expose the secrets, that is why, they are
treated just as properties that can be used, as
they like. They indoctrinate them from their
very young ages. That is why they encourage
child marriage.
9. It is a religion of mixture. You must use
magic, invocation of genie , charms and
amulets to blind the minds of people to be
followers. That is why most of them commit
murder and suicide in the name of their god
and believe it is right!
10. Only the strong Hand of God Almighty
through Jesus Christ His Son (Word of God) by
the Power of the Holy Spirit (the executor of
the Word) can save their souls. Except from
that, they cannot be saved. Please pray for
them worldwide.
I welcome you into Christ Jesus as you change
your mind to accept him today. God bless you
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