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Introduction About The Holy Spirit

Introduction About The Holy Spirit

The Bible is less explicit regarding the Holy spirit than it is about God the Father and the Son.
Introduction About The Holy Spirit
There are many reference to the Holy spirit in the Bible but most of them are symbolic, The Bible gives us ample information about the work of the Holy spirit But it says little about His nature.

The nature of the Holy spirit is a mystery that men cannot explain because God has not revealed it to them.
Regarding such masteries which is too deep for human understanding silence is a golden.

The Holy spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are the children of God.
He is a helper sent by God the Father to continue the ministry of Jesus here on earth.

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Introduction About The Holy Spirit

To teach and remember us all things that Christ said (John 14:26).
Following the teachings of our lord Jesus the Holy spirit has Essential characters, which includes,
*Emotion and so on.
He intercedes for us (Romans 8:27)
He is the the one that gives us gifts (1cor12:11).
He is our certificates as believers (Romans 8:11)
He is Omnipresent (psalm 139:7-8)
The Holy Spirit is constantly trying to focus our attentions to Christ not on his own self.
In the plan of salvation the Holy spirit plays a subordinating role serving the father and the Son. although this does not imply Inferiority in essence.
When the word of God is being preached to someone it is the Holy spirit that will digest the word in the heart of that person for better understanding.
Jesus was constantly under the direction of the Holy spirit while he was on earth after being anointed by the Holy Spirit in his Baptism (matt 3:16-17).
The holy Spirit led him to the wilderness (Matt 4:1) (luk 4:2)
The human nature of Christ while he was on earth hindered him from being everywhere physically at the same time But he was accessible to all His people independent of the distance.
Jesus commissioned His disciples to baptize people in the Name of the Father of the Son And of the Holy Spirit.(matt 28:19).
Jesus also said that every blasphemy against the Son will be forgiven But the The blasphemy against the Holy Spirit can never be forgiven, either in this age or next generation to come.
[Matt 12:31-32].
So therefore when ever we speak let’s mind our choice of words in order not to speak against the Holy Spirit.
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