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Build a happy home

How to build a happy home

How to build a happy home

For this reason we are going to study about the topic that says  build a happy home.

This topic is very Jermaine to our existence in life as the children of God.

However our home found is very Paramount, not only to ourselves or our society but to God.

Homes and families are part of the agenda of God to prepared the word for his kingdom.

Therefore if your family fails it is not the intention of God for such to happens,

On the other hand it is God’s intention for us to have a happy home.

And that is my aim of writing this article is to enlighten people on how to build a happy home. and I pray that what’s so ever that might be going on in your family right now.

that the Almighty God will step in and shine his light of peace in your family.

So that you may live wordily of the lord and please him in all respect and have a peaceful marriage in jesus name I pray amen.

Now considering this topic that says how to build a happy home first of all I will bring out time in order to elaborate pretty much on this topic


Means to erect, Raise,developed, a thing there is a very big different between home and house because home, take for instance house has to do with the physical structure


is a place for personal and emotional touch where you feel you have essence and residents in other words is a place where or emotions and our sentiments are attached ,as a place of residents. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Home?wprov=sfla1


The word ”your” is a pronoun, that refers to personal case
Therefore building your home is a call to be more responsible as a man or as a woman because if you neglect this aspect of your marriage then you will still be having issue in your marriage

MEN (husband)

Man cannot accomplish his mission on earth without his partner, that’s why God offered him a helper which is his wife, in order to help him accomplish the mission which God has set for him.

  Divorce Rate/Marriage Failure

Men are good but they are also deficient persons, and the best solution to every man’s deficiency if his wife.
take for example:

A man can be bad and wide during his youth clubbing, drunkenness, keeping late at night, and a hole lot of nasty things.
But immediately he gets married, you will discover that such life style Will begin to dilute, though it may not happened at once or initially but with time but the tendency of change is always there.
Even so, men don’t even know all their problems but the truth remains that we have unidentified and undiagnosed problems.

That’s why we hear the women say:
“he used to be a gentle man before we got married,but all of a sudden he has changed.”
However this does not mean inferiority in essence.

But God knows it all that’s why he gave solution to the problems so that we will not turn failure in our home duties/responsibility. that’s why he ensured that the solution also came out of us.

WOMAN (wife)

In the long run on how to build a happy home, a woman is essential not just as a partner but as a help mate, not as a competitor but a help mate.

However women has the power also build a happy home. that’s why the Bible says that a wise woman buildeth her home.

Even so women also have their own problems in terms of submitting to their husband, learn to submit to your husband, (1 Peter 3:1) says

wife accept the authority of your husband over you. this passage of the scripture will make you understand that the tendency of stubbornness in women is always there,

However if you fail to submit this will be your major source of problem in your marriage because man naturally is arrogant.

  Spiritual Growth

As a wife desires to be love by her husband so does the husband desire to be respected.
don’t copy others because what works for them may not work for you. if you copy others you might ruin your home. That is how to build a happy home

Further more

Further more from the moment you say I DO it means you have been sent fourth to go and build and accomplish your mission. and one thing is sure the testimony of who ever raised you (your parent) will show fourth in your marriage.

Some men who beat their wife and coursing a hole lot of problem in their home actually learnt it from their father and same thing application to woman who’s mother is a nagging type, the tendency of her being a nagging wife is always there.

And that is an error that needs to be corrected ,
moreover you shouldn’t allow your background to pull your marriage down, try as much as you can to decode that bad part which you have inherited from your parent and do away with them. That’s how to build a happy home.

However a couple is not successful until they raise a successful couple

How to build a happy home


Children are our inheritance from God.

The upbringing of a child matters a lot it is the upbringing that will determine if the child will be useful or useless.

The Bible say train up a child in a way that he shall grow and never depart from it.
children are born with their own stupidity but the caution which you give to the child will chase away that stubbornness.

Bible say spare the wroth and spoil the child.  children are born mannerless it is the duty of the parent to inculcate fear into the child. because it is parental fear that will make a child obey the parent.

  The compassionate care of our heavenly father

It is fear that of punishment in school that will make a child obey his teacher
therefore if you fail to discipline your child and he/she grow to be something else in feature, then you have failed in the assignment given to you by God. and you should be hold accountable for it.

Environment, society might try to dilute good morals/upbringing but in spite of that, it can never take them away.

THE Happy Home

The man is the head of the family and the wife is there as a help mate and as a partner to help you fulfill your destiny.

So if you fail in your responsibility as a man then you shouldn’t potions blames on your wife, she is not there to lead rather she’s there to support.


Good parent do have their boundaries in the sense that.

Children are not supposed to insult their elders or insult their mother that boundary should be put in place.

Because sooner or later they will have to graduated from the home training that you are giving them. to face their own marriage. so there should be no go areas in your family.

conflict in a Happy Home

I know this may surprise you but for you to have a healthy home.

You must create room for conflicts management and resolution but at this time it’s only for the couple.

Allow it because it’s an integral part of human existence. it’s inevitable, however what matters here is how you go about handling them.

How we handle conflicts determine our level of understanding,maturity and spirituality.

That’s how to build a happy home, let me drop my pen at this junction. this topic is to be continued.

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