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Holy ghost baptism, is an essential topics as it regards Christianity.

It’s has to do with the higher level of Christianity. The stage when a Christian flows in the spiritual realm. Follow me real quick as we dig deep into it, word by word.


Baptism means to deep a solid completely into a liquid.

Baptism as it implies in Christianity means to deep someone 3 times. not just to sprinkle, but to deep someone completely into a water 3 times.

And as you rise, it means that you have turn away from the sinful life which you were born with, to a new life in Christ jesus.

However this is in accordance with the word of the scriptures. Which says go ye into the world. and preach the gospel to every creature. Baptise them in the name of the father of the son and of the holy spirit.
and it is right in Christianity to be Baptised.

Everyone needs to be baptized

Even Jesus who had no sin in him was baptised. Therefore all Christian should be Baptised.

so as to wash away the sinful nature, that we were born with.
further more when jesus Christ came to John the Baptist for him to be baptised.

John said to him.(Jesus) “I am to be baptised by you not the other way round. but jesus answered him saying that it is right to do all that which is right. and john baptised him.

Even so this water baptism is totally different from from the baptism of the holy spirit.


The holy spirit is the third person of the Trinity.

He is the true spirit of the living God. when jesus was about to finish his earthly mission.

He told his disciples about the holy spirit and that he is coming to dwell with them. (john.14:26)

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The holy spirit is our comforter, our helper, he bears witness with our spirit that we are the children of God.
the holy spirit came upon the disciple on the day of Pentecost. and they began to speak in other tongues.
And fire were on their heads. they spoke in different tongues as the spirit gave them utterances.
you can see that in. (acts 2:1-4)

The Baptism of the holy spirit

With the above explanation I believe you should have sensed what this holy ghost baptism is all about.

The baptism of the holy spirit. is all about receiving the holy spirit into your life. to take absolute control over your life with an evidence of speaking in other tongues.

Although it it’s not compulsory that one must speak in tongues, so as to show this awesome power of the holy spirit.

But you will feel the deep touch within you.
Because it’s not everyone that receive the holy spirit. That will have the utterance to speak in tongues


The holy ghost baptism does not come with speaking in tongues alone. It comes with other packages that are kinda Jermaine to humans.

However this awesome gifts of the holy spirit are very unique skills and abilities, and it is  given to the faithful followers of Christ, and with it one can do wonders.
and serve God more effectively, this gifts includes
* wisdom
*speaking in other tongues
*healings and more.

God uses this gifts to strengthen his faithful servants to do exploits, set the spiritual captives free, heal the sick.
and this gifts was first experienced by the disciples at the upper room on the Pentecost day.
further more the spirit of God is received by faith and believe in Christ jesus.

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How The Holy Ghost operates

when it come upon your life, you will look abnormal to some people. (because they don’t understand the things of the spirit).

you will poses a very strong spiritual power, and when you feed you soul with the word of God, you will grow forth in the spirit and can cast out demons.

lay hands on the sick and they shall recover.

Believe and receive

when Paul went to Ephesus he saw a group of believers praying.

He noticed that something was missing. and he asked them saying “did you receive the holy spirit when you believed”?.

Come to think of it, the above sentence tells number of things, in the sense that, one can believe and at the same time receive the holy spirit.

while in some cases is not always so.
let me elaborate so as to give you better understanding.

It is kinda possible for one to believe in Christ and be baptised physically without receiving the holy spirit.
and in the other way round you can believe in Christ and receive the spirit.

It doesn’t matter if you have been in the church for many years. But what matters here is have you received the spirit of God.?

This is an important question which every Christian must answer.

Because you’re never a born again if you are yet to receive the baptism of the holy spirit.

Christ’s view on Holy Ghost Baptism

In ( John 3:1-5) Jesus made it clear to Nicodemus who was a Jewish leader, in verse five jesus answered him and said , verily verily I say unto thee. except a man be born of water and of the spirit. He cannot enter into the kingdom of God.

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which is to say that the two baptism are very vital in our heavenly race.
the baptism of water and they holy ghost baptism.

Importance of the holy ghost baptism

Often times people do ask this question in the church, and other evangelical centre. they ask things like “how important it the holy ghost baptism.”
Answer: the holy ghost baptism is very important. because that’s your certificate as a born again Christian.

And as a matter of fact if your not a born again Christian. you cannot enter into the kingdom of God.

Without the holy spirit it will be very difficult for one to live a righteous life.

Pastors, priest, or a minister, cannot perform very well. If not under the control of the holy spirit.

Pastors cannot cast out demons or pronounce healing if the spirit is not in them.

sometimes when we go to church we see people speaking in other tongues,

Although you may think they are joking. But the truth remains that there are no such things, it is the holy spirit that is making them do so.

Further more

when Philip went to Samaria to preach the gospel.

He had a great time. they believed, they repented and they were baptised.

But one thing was lacking. they were yet to receive the holy ghost baptism.

when peter and john heard about it, they came all the way from Jerusalem to put things right.

And sure enough when they laid hands and pray for them. (the Sumerians) they received the holy spirit.

So if your yet to receive it simply go to God in prayers.

with genuine repentance surely you will receive the holy ghost baptism.

That’s all for today and thanks for reading.


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