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Fasting and Prayer

Fasting and prayer

Fasting and prayer as it regards Christianity, is a process where a beliver, goes on a hunger strike, in order to seek the lord in prayers.

However, before you start fasting, you should consider, whether your life is at peace with God and people within you.

otherwise it does not make sense. Only if these conditions are met, and your life is clearly in line with God’s Word, can you seek and fined hind him.

Fasting And Prayer

Hardly does anyone knows, how much food the average person consumes in a month. and how high the cost is for them. The drinker and smoker do not think that they consume a lot of acidic and alcoholic beverages and tobacco.

they consider this consumption normal.

Apart from that there are expenses for food and drink, life and clothing, maybe even for spiritual training, leisure activities, sports, etc.

Expenditures for other purposes, such as the Kingdom of God and the needs of the soul, are left in the end and are rarely or never considered.

Most people eat too much.

According to information released by the health authorities, today’s advanced society is poisoning itself by consuming too much food, drink and cigarettes. Which among the saints today pay attention to the Bible following verses:

Dearly beloved, I beseech you as strangers and pilgrims, abstain from fleshly lusts, which war against the soul;
(1 Peter:2:11)

Therefore, true believers should not seriously “return to me with all your heart and in fasting and in weeping and in mourning.” (JOHN 2:12 ) 

Do God‘s people (not to mention humans in general) understand why God sent us in times of famine after the two World Wars? Was it not because the commandment of fasting and abstinence had been badly neglected by the saints for centuries?.

How blessed is a temporary fasting and prayer.

How blessed is a temporary fasting and prayer, which prevents the desires of the flesh.

William Penn, the founder of Pennsylvania, said: “Malnutrition contributes significantly to restraint. Therefore eat for the sake of life, but do not live for the sake of food.

Jesus did not want His disciples to fast according to themselves  worthless way of the Pharisees, so He did not command them to do so. He only taught them a more sincere way of praying, since they themselves had realized in horror how much prayer was missing from their own lives.

As soon as he left them, they learned how to observe fasting and prayer in the right way. because then all the responsibility of the Kingdom of God rested on them.


We can assume that the 120 people, who prayed for the outpouring of the  Holy spirit, 10 days before Pentecost, were fasting at the same time because they remained in the same place. This means that they did not return to their homes to eat.

The Ascension of the Lord, which they saw with their own eyes, was so powerful that they forgot all earthly things. This brought to the fore all the heavenly things in such a way that all their desire and longing turned to the power that came from Heaven, and the Holy Spirit.

Whoever has the same attitude today, will be able to experience his own Pentecost, which is the Baptism with the Holy Spirit and fire.


The apostles also fasted frequently since then, for example, when the first missionaries were sent ACTS 13: 2 ) , and also when the Elders were appointed (14:23) .

The centurion Cornelius sought the Lord, with prayer and fasting (10:30) . Paul urges us to have periods of abstinence from marriage, “so that you may fast in fasting and in prayer”  (1 CORINTHIANS 7: 5 ) . He emphasizes this because he thus proves by fasting that he is a servant of God ( CORINTHIANS 6: 5 ) .

Practical points

In order to accelerate the positive effect of fasting in the early stages, it is recommended to consume a little salt water to cleanse the intestines. Add 2 teaspoons of Glauber salt to 1/4 liter of hot water and drink it. You can drink this at any time, even when you are not fasting, on an empty stomach to cleanse your body. You should not drink this from the first day of fasting.

Fasting becomes easy when you follow the following guidelines: When the feeling of hunger goes away after a few days, say a deep and intense prayer. Then you will get the right spiritual results. Without prayer your fast is ineffective and in vain.

It is recommended to drink bottled water instead of drinking water. You should drink warm or lukewarm water to avoid stomach cramps and other problems. Never drink cold water unless taken too late. This is especially good for thin people, and during a fast that takes place in cold weather.

obstacles in fasting

One particular obstacle is the well-intentioned repression of anxious friends and relatives.

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who try to persuade the faithful patient to break the fast prematurely, as they fear for his physical well-being. In case you have fallen into these oppressions, take courage and at some point renew your fast again. By the grace of God you will succeed.

You may feel tired during the first or last days of fasting. Nevertheless, you can continue to work and do your homework if your work is not too hard. During this period,

However, your prayer will probably not be as focused and effective.

Physical movements, such as getting out of bed, etc., should never be done suddenly and quickly, as this could cause circulatory disturbances, followed by fainting.

After the secretion of your physical poison, you will feel better, both mentally and physically. Pain, dizziness, weakness, and other physical problems will disappear. On the other hand, the various physical organs as well as your senses and mental abilities will be stimulated. The result is the acquisition of a certain spiritual power, with answered prayers and many other things that you previously considered impossible.

How long should you fast?

  1. Until you finally know that God has heard your prayer. For this, you should get the assurance whether you have a short (1-10 days) or longer (20-40 days) fast.
  2. As long as our health and physical condition allows it, without leading to harm.

Four cleaning methods

  1. The pores of the skin are the channels through which the body secretes a lot of venom, this happens especially during fasting. That is why Jesus says, “Wash your face”  ( MATTHEW 6:17 ) It helps a lot to bathe more often than usual.
  2. The kidneys are activated by frequent consumption of water, so the urine is diluted and the venom is flushed.
  3. The lungs secrete toxins from the body through respiration. Therefore, it is necessary to be outside in the fresh air, to take deep breaths in the fresh air, as well as to open the windows often.
  4. The intestines are also important means of secretion. Do not worry if your intestines almost stop working, this is because there is no food supply. In case of emergency, an enema helps.

Fasting and prayer, is the best way to overcome physical disorders. This is especially true for stomach disorders.

During a long fast your stomach is really refreshed. This is one reason why it is necessary to break the fast. You should not immediately start eating too much food, but start gradually with fruit juices and continue with some fresh fruit.

If your health is poor, fasting will be very beneficial for your body. Fasting has a rejuvenating effect on the glands, kidneys, liver and blood, as well as the throat, eyes, etc.

Considering all these points mentioned, it is clear that fasting and prayer can only benefit your physical well-being.

Jesus would never have recommended such restraint if it were to have a bad effect on our bodies.

Of course you should sleep and rest, as usual. If possible during a fast you should try to rest a little more than usual.

Water consumption

Just as we use water to cleanse our bodies externally, we must do the same for our internal organs. That is why we rinse our mouth after eating, to remove food debris before it destroys our teeth. Our stomach must also be cleansed of water. If we do not drink water while fasting, our stomach will not clear and will shrink, this can cause a slightly bent posture. Without drinking water, the internal organs will remain constipated and the body dirty. Therefore the secretion channels will not be able to function. Thus, water consumption is becoming more and more necessary.

Drinking water does not prevent the fasting person from coming closer to God. The water is pure and is used as a parable of salvation and the Holy Spirit, of which Jesus says:

Jesus answered and said unto her, Whosoever drinketh of this water shall thirst again: but whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; in him will he become a fountain of water gushing forth to everlasting life. ” JOHN 4: 13-14 )

The water evaporates upwards. Food waste decomposes in the soil. Water has no stimulant effect like food that nourishes desires. Water does not have this effect.

During fasting, the pores of the skin, that is, those of the face, are filled with the poison secreted by the body. This is why you should wash or bathe as much as possible. After about 2 weeks of fasting the most poisonous agents of a healthy body will be excreted with the help of water. From the scriptures you can see that Jesus Himself drank water during his 40-day fast. He did not say that he was thirsty, but that he was fasting. Further,

It is reported that in the end he was hungry. which means that the craving for solid food was very strong. Also, when Jesus miraculously fed 4,000 people, MARK offered bread and fish, not water, even though the people were fasting for 3 days. Water was plentiful in the streams. Suffering from thirst is much more difficult than suffering from hunger. None of the above cuts mention the need for water consumption. This indicates that water was available.

  How to be a blesses man

Disappearing natural desires

Man has four different desires:

  1. Spiritual desire, the desire for God.
  2. The desire for food.
  3. Sexual desire.
  4. Greed for possession, power and authority.

All of these needs can be justified to some degree.

The first desire has no effect on most people because it is suppressed by the other three.

The second and third desires degenerated in antiquity into great passions, of which Paul warned in THESSALONIANS , “to abstain from fornication,

This is because God is always angry of all these things. ”  

The fourth, greed for the betterment of one’s life, degenerates into greed for money, possession, power and luxury. This is a modern trick in the hands of Satan.

However, with fasting, a miracle happens: First of all, the second desire – hunger – disappears. After about 10 days of fasting the weakness is gone. Then the sexual desire disappears. If the fasting person continues to pray fervently is united with God, the fourth desire – greed, is removed from it, or at least reduced so much, that it is almost unnoticed.

To the same extent that carnal desires decrease through fasting, so does the spiritual longing for God increase:

“As the fowl eats the stream of water, so my soul longs for you, O God.”  PSALMS 42: 1 )

Now, the spirit of prayer comes to life and an inner impulse for prayer is born wherever you are. It is the Holy Spirit who works with His motive power.

However, in times of such spiritual development you should be aware of satanic attacks and sorrows. Sometimes there seems to be a wall in front of us, which is an obstacle to our prayers. Dear reader, do not be disappointed! If you endure all this, the victory will be yours. Do not forget that you are in the middle of a fiery spiritual struggle! .

Breaking the fast

The longer the fast, the more attention is required when the normal diet should be taken. Gradually our stomach becomes active again. This takes some time. In Bible days, the people of Israel, the prophets, and Christ were familiar with the dietary laws of Moses and the prophets. Everyone knew about the necessary hygiene that is involved in breaking a fast. After a long fast the stomach has become like a child. Therefore, we should not have a normal, regular meal immediately after the end of the fast, even if it was only for 2 or 3 days. It could cause very serious physical effects. You should start with fruit juices, fresh fruit (or canned fruit) and light soups, continue later with vegetables and milk, all in small amounts, until about the fourth day. You should not start your normal diet until about the same time you were fasting. The slower you return to your normal diet, the healthier it is for your body and your nervous system.

Weight loss during a fast is an average of 1 kg per day. It does, however, depend on the individual’s weight. A heavy person will lose more than 1 kg in the beginning, while a thin person will lose less. In general, weight loss becomes less towards the end of fasting.

Consequences of fasting

Dr. Tanner fasted on three occasions for 40 days in a year and explained that each time during the second half of the fast, the untold glory of the celestial world was revealed to him. He has reached the age of 92 and attributed his old age to the blessing of fasting. He proved that even today it is possible to fast as Jesus Christ did, for 40 days, without suffering any harm. Dr. Tanner was not only a physician but also a determined Christian.

Luther fasted for days while translating the Bible. This may be the secret of his excellent translation of the Bible. Certainly, his great faith and his immense victory in enforcing the Reformation have their roots in his prayer and fasting.

Today, almost no one fasts, prayer remains powerless without fasting. Therefore, nothing happens. It is not Jesus who wins but Satan. Therefore, wake up, sleeping people of God!

More blessed results of fasting

in Battleford, Sask., Canada

The beginning of the revival here at Battleford was in 1947, when about 70 students gathered to read the Bible and practice fasting and prayer. About 3 months later, a sudden flare-up broke out in a room where all the students had met for their morning gathering. Day by day the glory of God fell through His wonderful power. Deep repentance and humiliation came upon each of them. Some fasted for 1 or 2 weeks, others even longer. Some even 40 days.

Before all this happened, they felt like we were standing in front of a wall and could not offer anything worthy of God’s glory. As they continued our silent Bible studies, they received the book Fasting and Prayer from Brother Franklin Hall. They immediately started fasting and praying. Until that moment they had never experienced the results of the uninterrupted fast, in which they were to participate. Revival would not be possible without the teaching of this wonderful  truth.

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A meeting of fasting and prayer

In 1946 a group of believers from various denominations gathered in San Diego to learn more about fasting and prayer. Many of them started a dedicated fast. Some even fasted for 21 to 40 days without any interruption. They all cried out in prayer for worldly recovery, salvation, healing of mankind, and for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit with gifts just as in the time of the apostles.

The results of this meeting were wonderful. Many miracles of healing were performed in the name of Jesus Christ, demons were removed, epileptic people and cancer patients were healed, the blind could see, the disabled could walk again, the tumors dried up, lame people and people with tuberculosis were healed and the sick were healed. all kinds of diseases were removed. Many people came forward at the end of the meetings to be baptized with the Holy Spirit.

In these revival meetings, led in part by the author, they were able to see about 1,000 souls accept Jesus as their Savior within a year.

This spiritual power is needed today more than ever, because it is not only religious obstacles that hinder the functioning of God’s spirit in the body of Christ, but also doubts, criticism of the Bible, and unbelief that afflict the church.

Faith without works is dead

As stated in JAMES 2:17 . To bring the signs to the fore, as described in MARK 16:17 , it is necessary to roll away the dark clouds of unbelief. According to Jesus in Matthew chapter 17, unfaithfulness will be removed by prayer and fasting.

Confession after 24 days of fasting

I just want to tell you that fasting is wonderful. I fasted for 24 days without food and drank only water. After 2 weeks of fasting, I prayed for an epileptic boy who was anointed with oil. The Lord had placed him as a burden on my heart. He was my friend’s son. Immediately after that, I could feel that something was leaving him! They were demons! The boy got up smiling and happy, and within a few days he found a job for the first time in his life, which he maintains to this day.

I continued fasting under the guidance of the Most Venerable Hall, for 3 weeks and 3 days. I worked from home, I cooked 3 meals a day for my family and I never felt hungry even once. I felt even stronger and better than ever.

I am thankful that I have learned something from fasting and prayer, and I can only say that it has helped me a lot, both physically and spiritually.

Mrs. Mary Williams, National City, California

40 days of resuscitation fasting

At the age of 19 I almost died of the flu. During this difficult time I turned to the Lord, and promised to preach the gospel if he healed me. After that I felt a kind of ecstasy. For 12 hours I was up in the celestial sphere. When I regained consciousness, I was completely healed. Alleluia!

Then the Lord spoke to me in an inner voice, “If you remain faithful to fasting and prayer, I will revive missionaries around the world.” From that moment on I often fast for 3-7 days.

Once, when I was fasting and praying for 2 weeks, one night Jesus appeared in my room. A strong light shone, louder than the sun and filled the room. Jesus was standing in front of my bed, surrounded by a wonderful glow. This experience shocked me so much that I thought I was flying in the air while walking.

Shortly afterwards, during a five-day fast, I began praying in a strange new language that was unknown to me. It was the gift of tongues mentioned in 1 Corinthians 12 and 14. A missionary from Rome discovered that I had spoken Italian. He translated them.

After a 7-day fast, the Lord made a resurgence in Dayton, Ohio, where many sick people were healed and many souls were saved.

One day, a lady gave me Franklin Hall’s book on fasting and prayer. Now I have learned to fast for more than 2 weeks. The Lord put the sins of all unbelievers and incurable people as a burden on my heart, so I could no longer sleep at night because of compassion and pity. Jesus showed me again that in a short time, many more missionaries-workers will rise up around the world. They will serve humanity through fasting and prayer. This will cause even greater flares to erupt, the like of which the world has never seen, as Jesus says:

“The works that I do, and he will do them, and greater than these he will do, and greater than these he will do, for I belong to my Father” JOHN 14:12 )  this was his testimony.
So therefore if you seriously want to encounter God, then venture into fasting and prayer.
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