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Essential Things A Christian youth must Do

*youth Self Discovery*

Essential Things A Christian youth must Do

The first topic to tackle in these online Christian youth camp is   “self discover” .    discovering of one’s self is the act of taking a dipe study inwardly, in order to effectively decode your potentials. And also the ability to define your self. To know the gift which God has deposited in you. However you can also view what Wikipedia says about these


It’s obvious that many people are actually living in the ignorant of their self discovery therefore depending on people for their self definition. Many people actually have different definitions about you some have something good to say about you while some have something bad to say about you, it is left for you to discover yourself.  That is the main reason why I chose self discovery to rank first in this  Christian youth camp. Moreover It is discovery that enlists you for life not necessarily birth you can be born but you are useless to self and to your world, great legends who we celebrate today are what there are because of discovery. Until you discover yourself you are still in lowest profiles of life But when you discover yourself that is the beginning of your success when you work according to your gifting you will begin to sower high and success will be achieved.

*Apply your gift in your youthful age*

Essential Things A Christian youth must Do
One of best course outline of this online Christian youth camp is to show you how to apply your gift   knowing your potentials is actually the best thing that can happen to you. But it can as well be useless, if you don’t know how to apply it take for example: when you have the ability to solve problems with your gift and you are hiding it within you. May I tell you something you are doing harm to yourself it simply means you don’t have respect for your feature

*If you are a singer” start now begin to put songs together

*if you are a writer” start putting your work together look for mentorship people who have gone with more mature mind the world will arise when you unveil your gifting.

Legendary people who we celebrate today, didn’t just became what there are by procrastination. People like:

*Mark Zuckerberg*

*Bill Gates*

*Larry page*

*Jeff Bezos*

This are people who have contributed to life in a definite way. The question is did they became what there are all by a coincident?. Capital no, is as a result of consistency in the application of their gift. Oppositions may come but never give up on you dream pray to God to connect you to the helps of your destiny never walk alone because when you journey with God you will surely reach your destination.

  Spiritual Growth

DREAM a dream written down with date becomes a goal.

GOAL a goal broken down into steps becomes a plan

PLAN a plan backed up with action makes dream come true. Be inspired on how to manage your feature begin to plan now because when you fail to plan then you certainly plan to fail, no one is born a failure and no one is born with riches believe in yourself and also believe in God be stable and consistent confidence and hard work is the best cure for failure.

*Self decision*

Essential Things A Christian youth must Do
Self decision is one of the strongest tool in the life of any human. Moreover there’s no way you can queque in into this online Christian youth camp, without you making a decision.

Your life can be on hold if you can’t make your self decision always be free to use your mind don’t always allow people to remote your life all in the name of advice.

It could be your friends. Pears, or even your mentor, it’s good to take advise but the best advise in life is the one you give to yourself. If your star must shine in life then acquire self decision take a moment and think what success mean to you.

Decision making plays a major role in the way events unfold in our lives but it is obvious that people don’t pay much attention to these

It is decision that gives birth to action. Make your self decision today and success shall be your next destination.

* youth Self Control*

Essential Things A Christian youth must Do
Self control has to do with all aspects of our lives reading from




These are the constituents of self control

It is an aspect of inhibitory control the ability to regulate one’s emotions thoughts and behavior in the face of temptation and impulses. Then again Considering the Essential Things A Christian youth must Do this should be a golden Obviously many youth lack this self control manner of approach is no longer degenerative

As a youth you must learn how to control yourself in anger and in good time. Don’t be curious of matters that doesn’t concern you don’t ask questions about them. Self control is the best path to life. Always keep quiet when there is nothing to say because indiscipline can ruin your life.


Effect of lack of Self Control

Essential Things A Christian youth must Do
Lack of self control (indiscipline) has caused so many people pain either through anger, bad character and so on. let’s look at a true life story of how a Lady losed a job all because of indiscipline, she said

I once had the opportunity to work in an oil company in Nigeria a company with better opportunity and higher pay.

I had submitted my (CV), passed, the test and i was called for interview. We went into the interview hall in pair because people where much and time was running out.

I entered with a lady and a question about my name and school was threw on me, which I answered correctly, same question was apply on the lady I went in with, she did answer the question but her name was so local that made lough out loud forgetting that I am in an interview hall. They were kinda surprise at me and I could see the countenance on their faces, it was as if they lost interest in me,

One of the interviewers stood up during the session and ask me my name. Christabel Joseph I replied

Interviewer: where are you from

Me: from calabar

Interviewer: does your name sound as if you are from there?

I felt stupid within me and I quickly apologized for it, they didn’t even ask me much question as a matter of fact my session was actually the shortest, I knew that I have messed up big time

And I was so ashamed of myself and I felt so dawn casted I lost the job all because of my selflessness.

*Have Some idea on how to make money*

*Have Some idea on how to make money*
Money money money yes money, many people have different view on what money is all about, some take it very serious while some take it casual but one of the awesome outline of this online Christian youth camp  for the betterment our young youth, is to have some ideas on how to make money in spite of the fact that people say some bad things about money does not really mean that money is bad. The Bible says that money is the root of all evil.

And the same Bible said that money answers all thing. As a youth you need to have ideas on how to make money.


There are many ways in which money is being made one can actually make money online and offline also, as a youth you need to feat in to the one that works best for you. Nowadays you can work from the comfort of your home.

  The Holy Spirit

You can make money by blogging, writing of ebooks youtube or even make money with your photos. I smile when ever I see young ladies and guys uploading more than 40 pictures on social media just to attract peoples attention but do you know you can actually make it lucrative? I guess you don’t know.

There are companies that pays you for uploading a picture to their website. Companies like pexel, shutterstock, Istockphotos and so on.

You can turn your Hobbie into a lucrative term. Only if you are inspired.


Essential Things A Christian youth must Do
Off course we would not summarize this online christian youth camp  without making reference to love a  Christian youth must know what love is all about, when someone says I love you what does it really mean?

Does it mean I want to marry you? Or I want to have sex with you or friendship, what really comes your mind, Let’s look at the types of love that is in existence so we can understand better. There: is👇 *Agape- Unconditional love*

*philia- Affectionate love*

*Philautia- self love*

*Pragma- Enduring love*

*Eros- Romantic love*

*Storge- familiar love*

*Ludus- Playful love*

*Mania- Obsessive love*

These are the types of love that is in existence and I describe them as a feeling that goes with human existence and emotions,

And it possess proficient power over humans. It is good to love and to be loved in return, but sometimes reverse is the case.

You can observe it from different disposition and stage either taking it casual or serious but despite all the attributes of love and it’s pertinent.

However I still don’t agree with the immoral aspects of it. As a Christian youth you must not engage in any form of immorality. Is one of the  Essential Things A Christian youth must Do

Don’t be deceived by the enticing words that comes out of peoples mouth. Beware, you can only be deceived if you want to be. Thanks for reading to this point, I will be dropping my pen at this junction.

If there is any other aspect you want me to write about kindly drop it on the comment box and don’t forget to Share and follow *Thanks*

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