Fasting and Prayer

August 19, 2020 Ben Buchi 0

Fasting and prayer as it regards Christianity, is a process where a beliver, goes on a hunger strike, in order to seek the lord in […]

Speaking in tongues

Speaking in tongues

August 13, 2020 Ben Buchi 0

Today we will be covering Speaking in tongues. Speaking in other tongues, is a spiritual exercise whereby a believer, who is baptised in the holy […]

Who Is Jesus Christ

July 15, 2020 Ben Buchi 4

The pictures of Jesus Christ Today we are taking it upon our responsibility to enlighten people on who jesus is. It’s obvious that many people […]


July 3, 2020 Ben Buchi 4

  Holy ghost baptism, is an essential topics as it regards Christianity. It’s has to do with the higher level of Christianity. The stage when […]

Spirirual Growth

Spiritual Growth

November 26, 2019 Ben Buchi 3

  Spiritual growth is a vital issue which every believer should implement on.  However as a Christian your level of spirituality could be stagnant if […]

Introduction About The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit

October 15, 2019 Ben Buchi 44

The Bible is less explicit regarding the true Nature of the Holy spirit than it is about God the Father and the Son. There are […]