Five (5) Habits You Must Not Display in Church

5 Habits you must not display in Church

1. Lateness

5 Habits you must not display in Church
The rate of tardiness in Churches of nowadays is really not encouraging. Many people have different excuses to give for it, either appointment assignment etc But let me ask you one question is church service a kind of covenant relationship with God if your answer is yes then I must say that lateness to church is a break of covenant relationship with God.


The way we react to the things of God is not the same compared with our daily activities business employment appointment and many others. Let’s not neglected the things of God in every things we do.

Remember it was lateness that killed sapphire had it been she came early she would have escaped death.


2. Refusing to Seat According to usher’s directions.

5 Habits you must not display in Church
This is another bad attitude that is not wordy of emulation. It is not right to disregard ushers no matter who you are will are all equal in the eyes of the Lord. Looking dawn on them is not good let’s not forget that disobedience is a sin. the Bible clearly stated it in (1samuel 15:23) that the sin of disobedience is more like a witchcraft

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3. Sitting Down During Praises & Prayer.

5 Habits you must not display in Church
If really you left your home in the name of going to church, then I see no reason why you will default in praising God. Remember it is God who gives you the power to make wealth.

We should always have it in mind that we are just ordinary dust which he made with his hands. If we defiance in praising God I wonder what the angels will do.

Please brethren let’s not deflect in worshiping God for even without our aid God will and shall ever be worshipped the book of (luke 19:40) says that if men shall close their mouth in praises God will raise stones to cry out in praises

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As long as God gives you life always show gratitude in praising Him.


4. Charting & Receiving Calls while Service is on

5 Habits you must not display in Church
Christians of nowadays do exhibit this harbit. And it is highly degenerating among the youths. This is something you cannot do in the classroom or even in the court where discipline is being taken into action.

Running out side the church to go and answer call with your phone ringing out very loud and drawing peoples attention let’s learn to respect God. No one is perfect we are all working towards perfection but lets have that fear of God in us.

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5. Improper Dressing

Improper dressing
The youths should caution themself on the kinds of dress they wear exposing their body especially the parts that are made to be covered

This day I see people who are not properly dressed leading praises in the house of God and also seducing the weak, this habits are not supposed to be seen in us

Moderate dressing in the real sense makes you look matured among your fellow youths i think living rights is the best way to live no matter your religion.

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