Fasting and Prayer

August 19, 2020 Ben Buchi 0

Fasting and prayer as it regards Christianity, is a process where a beliver, goes on a hunger strike, in order to seek the lord in […]

Speaking in tongues

Speaking in tongues

August 13, 2020 Ben Buchi 0

Today we will be covering Speaking in tongues. Speaking in other tongues, is a spiritual exercise whereby a believer, who is baptised in the holy […]

Who Is Jesus Christ

July 15, 2020 Ben Buchi 4

The pictures of Jesus Christ Today we are taking it upon our responsibility to enlighten people on who jesus is. It’s obvious that many people […]


July 3, 2020 Ben Buchi 4

  Holy ghost baptism, is an essential topics as it regards Christianity. It’s has to do with the higher level of Christianity. The stage when […]

Spirirual Growth

Spiritual Growth

November 26, 2019 Ben Buchi 3

  Spiritual growth is a vital issue which every believer should implement on.  However as a Christian your level of spirituality could be stagnant if […]