Sex teachu

Sex teachings

December 26, 2019 Ben Buchi 0

Sex teachers This post was written by Hillary smith on his Facebook wall telling people to share in order to tell the word the truth […]

Reinhard bonnke's death

Reinhard bonnke’s death

December 8, 2019 Ben Buchi 0

Reinhard bonnke the great evangelist was reported dead on 7 sat December 2019.  Below was his wife’s written up at bonnke’s official Facebook page Dear […]

Spirirual Growth

Spirirual Growth

November 26, 2019 Ben Buchi 0

A Christian who doesn’t believe in the supernatural, that is; in the spiritual, is a lost. If you’re not walkingi In line with the spirit […]

A Born Again

A Born Again

November 24, 2019 Ben Buchi 12

  The hunger and taste for spirituality, in the soul of a born again Christian, is like a hungry man who just escaped the desert. […]